Strix Leviathan wants to build a better enterprise platform for crypto trading

We are still in the early days of cryptocurrency — or at least that’s what all of the startups that are jumping into this space NOW hope....

What Are Crypto Accelerators and Why Are They on the Rise?

As cryptocurrency fever grips the tech world, and blockchain technologies gradually become more viable, there is a new wave of accelerators and incubators appearing to service this...
Crypto Vending Machine

Cryptobeer Vending Machine Promises Blockchain-enabled Benders

The blockchain is cool and all, but, and let's be honest, it's not like it'd ever get you totally buck wild drunk. Before today, that is. Sure, the...

Regulation for Cryptocurrency Not in the Foreseeable Says Expert

Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and digital assets took center stage at the Code Conference today. During a panel, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse said Bitcoin could end up becoming the...
Circle Crypto

Circle Invest Offer Service that Makes it Incredibly Easy to Invest in Cryptocurrencies

  Ever wanted to invest in cryptocurrencies, but unsure of how and which coins you should choose? Circle Invest, a new product by peer-to-peer payments company Circle, makes it...
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