Strix Leviathan wants to build a better enterprise platform for crypto trading

We are still in the early days of cryptocurrency — or at least that’s what all of the startups that are jumping into this space NOW hope....

What Are Crypto Accelerators and Why Are They on the Rise?

As cryptocurrency fever grips the tech world, and blockchain technologies gradually become more viable, there is a new wave of accelerators and incubators appearing to service this...

Google Creating a New Plan to Crack China

Google is slowly piecing together a strategy for China to ensure that it doesn’t miss out on the growth of technology in the world’s largest country. It’s been months...

Amazon Begins Countrywide Expansion of WholeFoods Discounts in the U.S for Prime Members

Amazon introduced 10 percent savings at Whole Foods for Prime members earlier this month, and today it kicked off a nationwide expansion of the initiative. The Prime Whole Foods...

Google Calender Shows Off New Updates

Google is adding a small but useful feature to Google Calendar. Starting today, when you change or delete an event, a dialog box now pops up that allows you...

Airbnb Ready for IPO Says Chief Executive

Airbnb brings in billions of dollars of revenue annually and is profitable on an EBITDA basis, so many wonder if and when the home-sharing company will go public....
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